Recipes Using Beale Street Memphis Style BBQ Rub

Recipes Using Beale Street Memphis Style BBQ Rub

A sweet and slightly spice blend, packed with flavour.  This is the tradition of the mid-south, with our own experience and creativity added in and made by hand in Australia!    

Winner, 3rd place best pork rub in the USA.   World Hot Sauce Awards, 2016, Louisiana.

Memphis is arguably the granddaddy of BBQ centers and its style features spices and sloooow cooking. When you’re in the mood for something a little more mobile and decidedly different than a rack of ribs, you can always find a delicious pulled sandwich. This recipe delivers the tenderness and authentic flavour of the area without the effort of buying and running a wood smoker. Ingredients Ranch Hand’s Beale Street BBQ Rub– 3 tablespoons (will depend on the size of the cut) One pork shoulder, rind removed and saved, chopped into quarters One large onion 1 red capsicum, stem and seeds…


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About Ranch Hand Foods

Ranch Hand is a small local Australian company that is dedicated to bringing authentic flavours of the south and southwest of our native America to our new home here in Australia. The recipes are delicious and unique and all ours. We feel they are the best of their type, not only for those made here in Australia but the world. 

We do it by sticking with the right way of going about things. Produce that comes from farmers we know. Old fashioned preserving methods without the chemicals. Pure King Valley honey, not HFCS. Never GMO.

We're just making salsas, sauces and rubs the way I learned 30+ years ago in Texas and the deep south.. We hope you like them.

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