Salsas, Pickled Chillis and Guacamole Starter



Our range of Mexican and Tex Mex products are distinguished by freshness and a unique quality you'll not find in mass produced products.  

Learned the craft in Texas 35 years ago and every batch since is just a little bit better.


The chunky dipping salsas and guacamole starter are created from hand roasted roma tomatoes, onions and capsicum  

The flavour is cranked to high by leaving the charred skins in the sauce.    We're always doing something more than a little different.  

There's no comparison to the "slick" ultra-tomato-y factory made salsas, chock full of chemicals to make them last.  


Ours are preserved with real citrus, quality vinegars and local salts and sealed using old fashioned canning methods used growing up on the farm.

Gluten free, locally sourced, vegan friendly and just plain delicious






Red Wine Salsa


Gluten free

No preservatives

No gmo.


This salsa is chunky and rich, full of hand roasted locally sourced capsicum, roma tomatoes and caramelised onion combined with jalapeno chilli. A medium heat plus fresh herbs; Pink Lake Salt from Victoria; spices and uniquely - a peppery Aussie Shiraz.


No additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours here. Shelf stable due to old fashioned canning techniques plus natural citrus, vinegars and salt.


Our salsas are ready for dipping as soon as you pop the wide mouth jar ... but there is plenty of versatility here. Put it on baked potatoes or salads, bagels, tacos, fajitas. Delicious on a bacon and egg sandwich!




Habanero Salsa del Fuego


Gluten free

No preservatives

No gmo.


This salsa is chunky and rich, based on the red savina habanero chilli that is full of flavourful heat. But it is not just a hot sauce - we started with a base that was delicious without any chilli and all and then infused it with heat and balanced it all over again.

Chockers with caramelised diced red onion, hand roasted roma tomatoes, green capsicum, herbs, spices and Victorian Pink Lake Salt

Our salsas are ready for dipping as soon as you pop the wide mouth jar ... but there is plenty of versatility here. Put them on baked potatoes or salads, bagels, tacos, fajitas... even as a pizza base! 






Pickled Jalapenos with Spices, Garlic & Onion


Gluten free

No preservatives

No gmo.


Our Australian grown jalapenos are hand sliced fresh and pickled in an old fashioned way that makes them delicious, right out of the jar. But they're a key highpoint in tacos, wraps, burritos, chilli con carne..... even baking!


Not just chillis, ours are mixed with onion strips, minced garlic, bay leaf, cloves, mustard seed, peppercorns all in a white wine vinegar and salt solution. The aged pickling solution is an essential cooking ingredient all on it's own.






DIY Guacamole Starter


Gluten free

No preservatives

No gmo.


This is an item you have never seen before.


This is a starter base of caramelised onion, fresh Roma tomato, lemon, pick lake salt, chilli (lightly applied), herbs, cumin and other spices. Everything except the avocado.


What this gives you is a shelf stable, wholesome, healthy product that allows you to turn that ripe avocado into gorgeous, restaurant quality guacamole every single time and in less than 3 minutes.


Company coming? Whip up a complex, failure-proof dip that impresses in an instant.  Or nevermind the company - make a healthy dip you can't pass by and keep it all to yourself.


Guac is good with corn chips, hot chips, on toast, a sandwich or vegie sticks. Can't be wrong!






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About Ranch Hand Foods

Ranch Hand is a small local Australian company that is dedicated to bringing authentic flavours of the south and southwest of our native America to our new home here in Australia. The recipes are delicious and unique and all ours. We feel they are the best of their type, not only for those made here in Australia but the world. 

We do it by sticking with the right way of going about things. Produce that comes from farmers we know. Old fashioned preserving methods without the chemicals. Pure King Valley honey, not HFCS. Never GMO.

We're just making salsas, sauces and rubs the way I learned 30+ years ago in Texas and the deep south.. We hope you like them.

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