Hot Sauces



When we sat down and started developing our range of boutique hot sauces, we decided the standards were well covered.

Fine by us, we'd been refining the standards for decades.   We were looking to stretch our legs a bit.   

The results are getting noticed!


Award winning, unique Hot Sauces that you can't get just anywhere.


All natural, locally sourced, no additives like xanthan gum, so just give them a shake.

All are vegan friendly.   Most are gluten free, except for Chipotle Stout (due to the beer)






Jalapeño Coriander Hot Sauce


Gluten free

No preservatives

No gmo.


 Simply delicious.  Tangy.  Not that hot, but very fresh flavours.  Like a burst of sweet pickled chillis and fresh coriander/cilantro in every drop.

We start with crunchy green Australian jalapenos and fresh Mornington Peninsula grown coriander.   Add in Victorian pink lake salt, a mix of premium vinegars and a very tiny bit of spices and brown sugar to balance it all.

Gold Medal winner in Savoury Sauces, Dressings and Pastes at RASV's Australian Fine Food Awards 2016.   We're pretty darn proud of it!


Mild and zesty.   Just a touch of heat.




Chipotle & Stout Beer Hot Sauce


No preservatives

No gmo.


Chipotle is the traditional, smoked version of the red jalapeno, used in Mexico through the ages.  We pair our smoked chillis with a rich stout craft beer brewed in Gippsland, a dash of earthy chocolate and pressed carrot juice.

The result is warm, smoky, rich and beautifully balanced.   This works on all sorts of dishes and excels on a steak, lamb or our favourite, slow smoked beef brisket.


A medium, lingering slow burn sort of heat 







Habanero Pomegranate

Hot Sauce


Gluten free

No preservatives

No gmo.


The wild child of our range, with a real exotic streak.   Not an extreme heat, but it packs a punch.   Tons of red habanero and arbol chilli are blended with pomegranate, a light kick of smoke and a swirl of tropical spices.


Epicure Good Food Guide puts this one in their Top 10 New Wave Hot Sauces in Australia






Ranch Hand Foods

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About Ranch Hand Foods

Ranch Hand is a small local Australian company that is dedicated to bringing authentic flavours of the south and southwest of our native America to our new home here in Australia. The recipes are delicious and unique and all ours. We feel they are the best of their type, not only for those made here in Australia but the world. 

We do it by sticking with the right way of going about things. Produce that comes from farmers we know. Old fashioned preserving methods without the chemicals. Pure King Valley honey, not HFCS. Never GMO.

We're just making salsas, sauces and rubs the way I learned 30+ years ago in Texas and the deep south.. We hope you like them.

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